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  • Charan Property Management
    Added by Isabella 2016.10.10
    Rented a house with this company. The man that lived in the basement unit smoked constantly inside & so our place always smelled. We complained & they were incredibly rude. This is the only place I've ever lived that I didn't get my full damage deposit back. Every landlord I've had is thrilled because I always leave the place spotless. The lady that did the exit walk through took an hour & 1/2! Sure she apologized for taking so long, but she took phone calls during the inspection. Very rude. Then when we get the damage deposit back they charged us a cleaning fee & for things that were missing when we moved in! Just sleezy nonsense. I'm glad we have the move in inspection to back us up, but now we're going to have to fight with them to get back the $300 they owe us. It's the principal of it. When we moved out we had to pay for a carpet cleaner. Fine. $250. That's OK - BUT - The carpet wasn't cleaned when we moved in, the place was filthy (every cupboard was full of crumbs & sticky junk) they left a vacuum in our living room for 2 months before they bothered to pick it up! They must have been trying to show it looking like it was being cleaned, but it wasn't. If you live with this company: get ridiculously detailed in your move-in inspection, & make sure you get a copy, because they're sleezy sleezy people who want to keep your damage deposit. What a horrible experience.
  • Taxback Com Banff Office
    Added by Brooklyn 2016.10.10
    Really good service.
  • Alex Grinton Brantford Real Estate Broker
    Added by Nathan 2016.10.10
    I do believe vulnerable people need to be protected from you and the unethical behavior I witnessed.
  • Crowne Plaza Moncton Downtown
    Added by Jack 2016.10.10
    Great central place to stay in the city. Quick and easy walk downtown. We were here for quarterly meetings and had booked the meeting rooms as well. The meeting rooms are well appointed, modern and convenient. The property refresh and modernization is well done.
  • Langdon Medical Clinic
    Added by Skylar 2016.10.10
    Fantastic Dr's and staff. We have stuck with Dr. Gooden through several moves and will not give her up ever. Have seen other Dr's there and they all treat you honestly and openly. They truly go above and beyond for their patients. Have and will continue to recommend the clinic to anyone.
  • Stella Luna
    Added by Elijah 2016.10.10
    Great night time Tapas! I just discovered that they have great night time (5pm to 9:30pm) Tapas. I went there at night and this place was bustling! I ordered their 6 crostini tapas and it was filling and delicious. Their gelato is a must try. Apparently, they won an award for the best in Canada and I can see why. Nice ambiance and good food. Would recommend.